Recovery, Pain and a Lesson in Humility

11:53 AM

My recovery buddy (when she doesn't feel like eating my hair)
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It's been about four weeks since my laparoscopy, and I'm still not feeling 100 percent. On good days, I'm at about an 85 percent. But today, I think I'm still hovering around 60.

Following yoga on Sunday, I started to feel some bruising behind the incision on my belly button and decided to skip class on Tuesday. I was all ready to go to class on Thursday, until I felt some of my old familiar pain creep in and cause me to completely lose focus at work.

So today, I'm working from home in snowflake pajama pants and with a puppy on my lap, who alternates between snuggling, nibbling on my hands and demanding that I throw a slobber-covered moose squeaky toy...

I've often heard it said that twenty-somethings think they're invincible. While I certainly have had my fair share of life experiences to assure me that I'm not incapable of harm, I definitely don't allow myself enough time to hurt or feel sick. Pain and illness are humbling. They make you realize that you're not a superhero and, often in my case, that you might not be doing a good job taking care of yourself.

In college, I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. That really brought me down to earth and made me realize that I was not healthy. I slowly relearned things that used to come naturally to me, like asking a friend to hang out, disclosing personal details about myself and being honest about my limitations. (My GPA was also part of this recovery...) So I started to get better about listening to my mind and body and taking it easy or seeking treatment when I needed to.

But even now, I am not entirely comfortable with just letting my body recover. After my surgery, my first thought was "Okay, when can I go back to the gym?" Not "Okay, when will I feel well enough to walk around for more than an hour and drive myself to work?"

As someone who has always prided herself in being thin and active, sitting on a couch and forcing myself to just be for a day is absolutely maddening. I like to be on the go and meeting my step goal on my phone's pedometer. But today, as pain shoots from my right side down to my ankle, I have to recognize my limitations and accept them. I think that's why I gravitate to yoga so much. It's about knowing where you are, understanding those limits and slowly working past them - not pushing yourself to 110 percent and getting hurt in the process.

So anyway, today, I'm re-learning recovery, humility and patience. It's not entirely fun, but it's absolutely necessary.

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