A New Year with Endo

Celebrating My Endo-versary and My Mom's Surgery

#Fitspiration for the Chronically Ill

Thank You, xoJane!

Enjoy the Silence

Facing the Daily Can't's, Maybe's and Not Today's

I Can't Run Your 5k, and That's Okay

Laughing Alone While Eating Salads or Why I Went Vegetarian

Love is Asking for Help

Please Stop Asking When She's Having Kids

It's Working! It's Working!!! ...Wait, Nope. It's Not.

Making Peace with My Body

And It's Getting Better All The Time

Six Things I've Learned from Chronic Illness

What a Difference a Day Makes

A Different Kind of Therapy

Because Breaking Up (with Doctors) is Hard to Dooooo...

A Valentine's Day with Chronic Illness

Can You Help Me? I'm Bent.

Is This Thing On?

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Eating with Endo: chocolate-covered frozen bananas (Trader Joe's Gone Bananas)

Back to the Mat

Eating with Endo: chicken and broccoli pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce

Recovery, Pain and a Lesson in Humility

A Thank You and an Ode to Tea

There's No Place Like Ohm

Eating with Endo: grilled tilapia bowls with avocado crema

My Diagnosis, Part Three: where there's a will, there's a treatment

Eating with Endo: crock pot chicken and barley stew

My Diagnosis, Part Two: just take out my uterus while you're in there...

My Diagnosis, Part One: I told you I was sick!

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