Because Breaking Up (with Doctors) is Hard to Dooooo...

2:53 PM

I like to imagine this "Doctor" is
my Old Doctor after we broke up...
"Doctor, it's not me. It's you."

That's what I would have said to my doctor if I could have spoken with him directly. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate everything he's done for me up until this point. But the operative words in that last sentence were "up until this point."

To be perfectly honest, I feel like I've been left high and dry with my recent endo diagnosis, ever since I refused to go on Lupron. Let's recap:

  • Tracy decided to not go on Lupron or get pregnant any time soon.
  • Tracy called doctor's office and left a message for the doctor, saying she wanted to try physical therapy instead.
  • A week goes by. Doctor finally calls and says, "Okay, if you want physical therapy, call the office, and they'll get you set up." No scheduled follow-up appointment. Nothing else.
  • Tracy calls office and requests physical therapy referral.
  • Weeks go by before office finally refers her to a physical therapist.
  • Tracy is crabby and rants forever.
So at the urging of pretty much everyone in my life, I decided to find another doctor. Through some intense googling, I was able to find a doctor who specialized in endometriosis and was in my area. And believe it or not, she could get me in next week! What?!

All that was left to do was authorize my old doctor's office to forward my medical records to the new doctor and be a happy Tracy once more.

Easier said than done, of course.

I called Old Doctor to tell the office it was over. I was taking my things and leaving. As I spoke to the nurse and let her know I would like to release my medical records, she suddenly got a little snippy.

"Just out of curiosity, why are you switching to New Doctor? They're exactly like us and specialize in the same things. You won't get different care."

What I Wanted to Say: "Well, I was interested in finding a doctor who listened to me a little better and actually came up with a treatment plan to manage my pain, rather than focusing on me getting pregnant."

What I Really Said: "I'd just like a second opinion on my care."

So after letting down my doctor's office easy and rolling my eyes at their insistence at only mailing or faxing me a release form (Who the hell faxes anymore?!), I got off the phone and thought over my break up like any woman would. Was I really making a good choice by leaving Old Doctor for New Doctor? Was I really going to find better care or an alternative treatment to Lupron? Maybe Lupron is just inevitable, and I have to accept it. Maybe there really aren't very many options for endometriosis.

As if inspired by a message from above, New Doctor's office called me a bit later, asking if I was able to contact Old Doctor about getting my medical records released. I said I did, but it would be some time since they wouldn't email me the form. The wonderful receptionist at New Doctor offered to email me their release form instead and see if Old Doctor would accept it. I had it printed, signed and scanned to them in 15 minutes (Our scanner sucks...)

It seems like such a trivial thing, but I already felt like I was being taken better care of at New Doctor's office. Old Doctor would have taken days, maybe even weeks to get back to me about something like this, and then, they would just tell me to call a different person.

Needless to say, I'm really excited about going to a new doctor. Next week may end up having a marathon doctor appointment day, as I have New Doctor in the morning and then Physical Therapist in the afternoon (which I will talk about in a later blog post.) So I'll probably end up sore and fatigued by the end of the day, but I'm happy that instead of just putting up with less-than-stellar Old Doctor, I'm embarking on a new journey in my treatment.

Maybe New Doctor won't be The One, but I'm looking forward to finding if she will be.

(Okay, I've had enough of this break up metaphor.)

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