Why Sunflowers?

While I was brainstorming names for my blog, I knew I wanted it to relate to the yellow ribbon that symbolizes endometriosis awareness. What came first to my mind was my favorite flower - the sunflower.

Sunflowers were my wedding flower, and I was married the same year I was diagnosed with endo. This flower has always inspired hope and happiness in me, and it was an obvious choice to symbolize my marriage. I want to extend those feelings to my endo journey.

Additionally, my mother - who is a cancer patient - loves sunflowers. Her fight against cancer has been full of faith, positivity and determination. My mom has been an inspiration to me throughout my entire life, and now that I have a chronic illness of my own, I want to replicate her attitude as I face endometriosis.

I hope you'll still find the sunflowers blooming in adversity in your own life, whether you're a friend, a fellow fighter or just a casual reader. Thank you for listening to my story.

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